Greeks buy coffee for less fortunate in greater numbers

A short video, which went  viral since it was posted on the Internet in November, has popularised a grassroots initiative in Greece which hopes to spread solidarity with the less fortunate citizens in a country hit hard by the economic crisis.

'Suspended coffee' initiative spreads in Greece.

'Suspended coffee' initiative spreads in Greece.
Image by Susanne Nilsson / CC BY-SA 2.0

The ‘Suspended Coffees’ campaign is inspired by a tradition that started in the working-class cafes of Naples 100 years ago, when patrons would pay for coffee offered for free to those who couldn’t afford it. The campaign is not only aimed at the homeless or poor people – it also helps the unemployed, pensioners and students. Around 200 businesses have already responded to the campaign and they include fast-food restaurants, bakeries, butcher’s shops and hair salons.

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