Postcard from... Dubai

For our competition with Disney’s Moana last year we asked young explorers to tell us about an epic adventure they’ve had while travelling. Here 13-year-old runner-up Gabriel tells us all about his visit to the desert near Dubai.

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Gabriel learns to ride a camel

The hot sun beat down, I shielded my eyes. I looked around at endless expanses of desert in awe. Surprising that Dubai was only a short drive away. Our family headed towards an outdoor amphitheatre, where a man was standing. On his hand, a cartoonishly-oversized glove, where a Peregrine falcon perches. Suddenly he threw the bird into the air and it shot off. As the bird of prey flew through the sky, it got harder to keep your eyes on it. I can completely understand why they call it the fastest bird on earth.

We hopped into a jeep and traversed through the desert, with other cars in line, like a CARavan of camels. Going up and down the sand dunes was like being on a rollercoaster. We stopped atop a sand dune and watched the sun set. Orange streaked the sky, it was crazy to see the massive sun shrink to the size of an apple. Afterwards my brother and I loved rolling down enormous sand dunes. Back in the jeep we headed towards a village, where we enjoyed exotic cuisine.

We even got to ride camels!  I had so much fun in the desert, I hope you do too.

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These dunes are made for rolling

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