St Patrick's Day brawls mean extra business for US dentists

Dentists face one of their busiest days in the year across the USA today and it’s all because of the fights and drunken brawls across America on St Patrick’s Day.

St Patrick's Day parade in New York

St Patrick's Day parade in New York. Image by Richie S / CC BY 2.0

A new study from Sikka Software has found that the number of patients making emergency visits to their dentists escalates by 64% across the country in the days following the annual celebration for the Irish patron saint.

The New York Post quoted Cumming, Ga dentist Page Barden as saying their surgeries were very busy today, March 18th, “the day after we celebrate St. Patrick.”

The patients of today were the partiers of yesterday who either fell down or “did a face plant in the sidewalk,” he added.

He also pointed to drinkers who become so inebriated that it led to bouts of fisticuffs with the inevitable consequences for teeth.

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