Spend a penny for free in London with the 'City Toilet Finder'

Now you can spend a penny for free in  London - thanks to a new phone app developed by the City of London Corporation.

A new  app shows you where you can spend a m=penny for free in London

A new app shows you where you can spend a penny for free in London. Image by Cristiano Betta / CC BY 2.0

The corporation has launched an app called the 'City Toilet Finder,' which shows people the nearest restaurants, pubs and municipal toilets to where they are positioned. The app even highlights the trading companies in London that will allow you use their facilities without needing to buy anything.

The city authority hopes that visitors can use GPS to turn their phones into a London loo finder.

The Evening Standard reports that already in the Square Mile, over 100 toilets have been signed up to the plan, meaning that users are no more than five minutes walk away from a convenience.

Several councils in London have already adopted similar schemes, but in those instances they depend on customers spotting signs in windows.

The app allows users to use facilities and then offer their own feedback on their experience of the toilet, thus rating them for other loo hunters.

Although quite a lot of money has been invested in the new software, less than 1000 people have downloaded the app so far.

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