Soil erosion uncovers human remains in Alaska

Last month, archaeologists working near Barrow, Alaska, analysed what they say is the site of an ancient human dwelling.

Barrow, Alaska.

Barrow, Alaska. Image by Bob Johnston / CC BY 2.0

Within the crumbling historical site, the team found human bones, ivory carvings and the remains of a sled constructed of baleen. They believe the remains are from a family who all died at the same time – likely the result of a natural disaster. Alaska’s North Slope coastline has one of the fastest erosion rates in the nation, and the reduction of sea ice means even faster rates, according to meteorologists. Previously, grave-sites have been unearthed due to erosion, but complete homesteads such as the one near Barrow are rare. The human remains unearthed in the area have been repatriated to local cemeteries. Read more:

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