Snake ‘escapes’ behind steering wheel in car on way to vet

A five-foot long snake on its way to a veterinary visit escaped behind the steering wheel of the car it was being driven in.

A boa constrictor

A boa constrictor Image by Frank Vassen / CC BY 2.0

Miguel Reid, who owns the boa constrictor, had packed his pet - named Snake - into his rucksack before embarking on his drive to the surgery.

However on his way Mr Reid saw that the reptile had escaped and disappeared behind the steering wheel.

The BBC reports that he called the vet, Vim Kumaratunga of Highcroft Veterinary Group in Brislington, Bristol for help. Mr Kumaratunga rushed out to meet Mr Reid, after initially thinking he was pulling his leg. He took the added precaution of seeking backup from a fellow vet as well as a nurse.

When it was discovered they needed to dismantle the dashboard, they enlisted the help of a local mechanic who fortunately had no snake phobia.

It took three hours of delicate work and a fair amount of sedation, to set the snake free and unharmed.

The Evening Standard reports that the five-year old boa constrictor spent the night at the veterinary hospital as part of his recovery from his ordeal.

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