Smart speed cameras on London orbital motorway nab 700 drivers

Traffic on motorways

Traffic on motorways Image by Lee Haywood / CC BY 2.0

New smart speed cameras introduced on a trial basis on the M25 along a section of London's orbital motorway, caught close on 700 drivers speeding in two month. Authorities are so impressed with the cameras they are now considering rolling them out on a national basis.

The devices are different to their predecessors because they employ digital technology for the first time and proved their worth in catching 668 motorists breaking  speed limits in Kent, reports the The Times. The cameras are painted grey which makes it harder for motorists to detect than the normal yellow coloured devices.

More of the devices, called 'stealth cameras' by critics, were installed on a northern stretch of the M25 before Christmas, and are set to be rolled out to parts of the M1, M3, M6 and M60. Thousands of motorists faces the added risk with their installation of being fine £100 as well as accumulating points on their licence for speeding.

The new cameras bring a greater degree of sophistication to detection; for instance they can scan four lanes at a time. However motoring organisations are critical of them, saying that it is more about fund-raising than road safety. They also claim that drivers will be penalised for driving only marginally over the speed limit on stretches of the motorway that have previously been unsupervised.

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