Skydiver has narrow escape in plane tangle over Peru

Fernando Gava, an experienced skydiver with over 1000 jumps under his belt, got stuck to a plane as he leapt for a dive over Lima, Peru .

Take your parachute and jump!

Take your parachute and jump! Image by Chris Betcher / CC BY 2.0

The leg of his jumpsuit got caught on the exit step, forcing him to hang upside down from the door as the plane circled at 10,000 feet. Gava struggled to break free as his family and friends watched from below, and thanks to the hook knife he carries during his jumps, he was able to cut his pant leg away from the plane and fall. He then deployed his reserve chute to float safely to the ground, suffering only a minor cut on his hand from the knife he used to free himself. See video:

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