Shark scare as boy bitten while swimming at popular Benidorm beach

A young boy in Benidorm has been bitten by a large fish that may have been a shark, causing panic during the peak holiday season.

Benidorm, Spain.

Benidorm, Spain. Image by Juan Carlos / CC BY-SA 2.0

Holidaymakers were told to get out of the water at the packed Poniente Beach, a popular swimming spot, after the boy came ashore with bite marks across his midriff. Descriptions of the fish and estimates of its length vary but it was thought to be greyish-green in colour and between 2ft and 7ft long; local officials said the fish could also be a barracuda but closed the beach as a precaution. Pictures of the marks have been sent to marine experts in Valencia for examination. Shark attacks are rare in Spanish waters, but last year a woman was bitten by a tiger shark off the Spanish coast. Read more:

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