Shanghai cruise passengers refuse to leave ship after diversion row

Some 300 passengers had to be forcibly removed from a cruise ship in Shanghai on Tuesday after a row with the cruise company.

The Quantum of the Seas.

The Quantum of the Seas. Image by nathanmac87 / CC BY 2.0

The passengers refused to leave the Quantum of the Seas after it was detoured to South Korea from Japan due to Typhoon Goni. The nine-day trip departed from Shanghai on 23 August and was supposed to stop in three Japanese cities, but had to be diverted to three cities in South Korea because of adverse weather. Passengers were seen being forcibly removed from the ship, including one passenger being carried by four crew members. Passengers were demanding compensation from the company due to the change, though the company stated it would follow international and Chinese regulations and that it had already provided the passengers with free Wi-Fi and lobster dinners. Read more:

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