Selfie's next generation: mini statues instead of pictures

The Selfie set is about to get a major uplift with the arrival of a new 3-D version. What the Selfie did for the front (face) and the Belfie did for the back (butt), the Shapify will do for the all-over.

Men are the worst culprits for taking selfies

Selfies next generation to take all-over view of  subject Image by John Stillwell/PA Wire

Shapify has been developed by the Artec Group, which supplies photo booths where users can scan themselves to create a ceramic version of what they look like – in eight inch feedback.

The booths are equipped with 3-D scanners which present the customer with a mini-version of themselves. The statues are printed in full colour and cost around $100.

The New York Daily News reports that these booths are now available in European ASDA stores, which is a division of Walmart in Britain. They can also be found in a number of US cities including, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Jacksonville.

Artec plan is to roll out more booths across Europe and in the US over the coming months.

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