Selfie sticks banned from Shakespeare’s birthplace

It’s hardly as tourists would have liked it but selfie sticks have now been given the thumbs down at the home of the bard - William Shakespeare.

Selfies now banned at the home of Shakespeare

Selfies now banned at the home of Shakespeare Image by John Stillwell/PA Wire

The tempest arose because of fears that the modern devices could cause serious damage to the property and the priceless artefacts about the writer’s life.

The sticks are designed for tourists to take better photos of themselves using their mobile phones. However, the Daily Telegraph reports that the extendable rods have already been banned across a number of museums and galleries because of similar anxiety over damage to property.

The historic sites in Stratford-upon-Avon is one of Britain’s most attractive sites and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust has outlawed the presence of any selfies from their five attractions. This is because the houses are made out of wattle and daub and consequently are extremely fragile.

There was also the consideration of the artefacts which are hundreds of years old, and were irreplaceable, explained Alison Cole from the Trust.

Shakespeare was born and lived in the thatched cottage for the first five years of his marriage to Anne Hathaway. It is part of the overall tourist attraction which also include his works and memorabilia on his life, including his birth certificate.

Ms Cole revealed that there had been no complaints from visitors about the selfie ban up to now.

She said that as hundreds of thousands came to visit eveyr year, it was vital that space was not taken up by people extending sticks when others were trying to walk by.

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