Second bungee jumper dies in tragic Spain accident

A 17-year-old Dutch tourist has died during a bungee-jumping accident in Cantabria, northern Spain.

Mountains in Cantabria, Spain.

Mountains in Cantabria, Spain. Image by Francisco Lopez Riveiros / CC BY 2.0

The teenager fell more than 40 metres from a bridge near the village of Cabezón de la Sal. Though it is unclear exactly what caused the accident, local reports suggest the girl jumped when the bungee monitor had gone to check her ropes, possibly because of a miscommunication. She was part of a guided tour. This is the second bungee death in Spain this summer, after a young British woman fell to her death in Granada province in June. The reason for that accident was also unknown, but one line of inquiry was whether the rope length had been miscalculated. Read more:

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