Sausage and chocolate Easter egg is Scotland’s latest deep-fried delicacy

The deep fried Mars bar.

The deep fried Mars bar. Image by Peter Shanks / CC BY 2.0

Scotland has already produced the deep-fried Mars bar. And now a butcher in the Scottish Borders is offering a chocolate egg that’s wrapped in sausage meat and deep fried. The dish combines the Cadbury’s Creme Egg, a chocolate and fondant easter treat, with the traditional savoury Scotch egg. Butchers Greig Foston and Benjamin Webb say the 1000-calorie snack is best enjoyed warm, so that the chocolate melts into the chilli-flavoured pork. After their first batch sold out, the pair are producing more for Easter. Other recent experimental Scottish dishes have included sausages made with local soft drink Irn Bru and Buckfast tonic wine. Read more:

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