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Hire an entire secluded island off the coast of Tasmania for your vacation

If the prospect of getting away from everyone else and surrounding yourself with nature and wildlife appeals, you may relish the prospect of hiring an island off the southern coast of Tasmania all for yourself.

A view of the entire Satellite Island and surrounding sea
Guests can stay on Satellite Island off the southern coast of Tasmania. Image: Satellite Island

Located in the D'Entrecasteaux Channel, Satellite Island is utterly unspoilt as it previously wasn't accessible to the public. It was discovered by French explorer Bruni D'Entrecasteaux in 1792 and was previously used as an observatory to view the night sky and the southern lights.

A view of the Boathouse on Satellite Island in Tasmania
Guests can stay at the Summer House and Boathouse. Image: Luisa Brimble

When you hire the island, you have exclusive access to all the accommodation at the three-bedroom Summer House, the two-bedroom Boathouse and the clifftop canvas bell tent. The maximum occupancy is eight guests, and children coming to the island must be 12 years of age. Guests get exclusive access to the island's 34 hectares of native bush, sea cliffs, pebble beaches and sunny coves. A pantry with gourmet essentials is supplied, and guests can enjoy an endless supply of wild oysters.

People sitting outside the Boathouse on Satellite Island in Tasmania
Guests can spend their days fishing, paddle-boarding and kayaking. Image: Luisa Brimble

Guests receive boat transport to and from the island, and can spend their days fishing, paddle-boarding and kayaking as equipment is provided. Yoga mats are also available. Wild shellfish can be found in the ancient rock shelf that circles the island, and a pair of rare white-breasted sea eagles live on the island. The caretaker can light a bonfire on the top of the island at sunset for guests, and they can go diving for edible urchins, abalones and mussels.

The living room in accommodation on Satellite Island in Tasmania
Guests can stay at the Summer House on Satellite Island in Tasmania. Image: Luisa Brimble

They can also visit the neighbouring Bruny Island. Hiring Satellite Island costs from NZ$1950 (€1167) per night for two guests with a two-night minimum stay. Extra guests are $300 (€179) each per night, and different rates and minimum lengths of stay apply at certain times of the year.

Further information is available here.