Ryanair to begin flying into Spanish 'ghost airport'

Who else could see the potential of flying into a ‘ghost airport’ without any passengers pre-booked other than Ryanair?

Ryanair flying into 'ghost airport' in Spain

Ryanair flying into 'ghost airport' in Spain Image by Fabio Bruna / CC BY 2.0

But that’s exactly what the low-cost carrier is planning for Castellon, the €100 million facility built during the Spanish boom of the noughties, just in time for the bust of 2011.

And the airline has agreed to the project despite the fact that they haven’t signed up a single passenger yet, the Daily Express reported.

Castellon has become something of a symbol for the reckless spending on construction by the Spanish authorities, but that doesn't worry Ryanair. They aren’t even deterred by the fact that there is still a statue of Carlos Fabra at the airport. Fabra is the man who championed the building of Castellon, but he is now serving a prison sentence for tax fraud.

Ryanair’s chief marketing officer Kenny Rogers, explained that London was the preferred destination for young unemployed Spaniards and that was why the airline had taken on the ghost airport project. He said there was a big demand for a route from Castellon and Ryanair would meet that by being the first commercial company to fly there. The airline is to operate three weekly flights from London Stansted and two per week from Bristol

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