Friendly Ryanair: soon you can cancel seats

Ryanair’s attitude makeover continues at pace and will be joined by a visible makeover as the airline plans a new interior look for their fleet as well as new uniforms for staff.

Ryanair plane

Ryanair has come up with further innovation in a new Customer Charter Image by David Precious / CC BY 2.0

And, in a new wave of customer service improvements announced in London today, CEO Michael O’Leary has gone another step on his passenger goodwill journey by saying they will allow seat cancellation in future.

The Ryanair ‘Customer Charter’ is part of its ‘Always Getting Better’ campaign and opens a vista on a totally new attitude by staff at Europe’s biggest low-cost airline to customers.

The Irish Independent reports that new interiors will include more blue and less yellow tones. Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Jacobs also promises that its ‘Sky’ interior will feature more legroom, and will be rolled out over the next six months or so.

Also on the cards this year will be a reduction in airport check-in fees from €70 to €40, while customers can cancel flights at a cost of €15 from May once they do so within a day of booking. The company is also introducing a “Hold a Fare’ feature where customers can book on their website and mobile app and hold the fare for up to 24 hours from June with only a €5 cost.

Arguably the most annoying thing about Ryanair was its efforts to get passengers to sign up for insurance. The airline is now planning a new product from September to replace the dropdown opt out system currently in use.

O’Leary has described the Ryanair’s charter as 'a series of promises' which he and his staff have signed up to and will live by in the coming years.

Referring to the new Ryanair attitude to customers, O’Leary joked that if he knew how good the reaction was going to be, he 'would have been nicer to customers years earlier.'

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