Ryanair slashes Greek internal flights to €4.99

Budget airline, Ryanair, has come up a slogan ‘Keep Greece Flying’ and backed their message with a basement price €4.99 for domestic flights while also cutting international rates by 30% for the next three months.

Ryanair offering Greek domestic flights for less than a fiver

Ryanair offering Greek domestic flights for less than a fiver Image by Ferad Zyulkyarov / CC BY 2.0

The air carrier is extending its less than a fiver deal until the end of August with passengers on the Athens’ flights to and from Rhodes, Thessaloniki and Chania.

Ryanair say they want to help the ailing Greek economy by reducing domestic fares to zero, but for that to happen both HCCA and Athens Airport would have had to agree to waive their development and airport tax for the same time frame. The Greek government has declined to do so.

David O’Brien, Ryanair’s chief commercial officer and No 2 to Michael O’Leary, said his company found the government’s response “disappointing”.

He said Ryanair had proposed a fortnight of free travel for Greek consumers and it wasn’t met on the other side. However, he stressed that they were committed to extending their business within the country and would seek way to stimulate further travel and tourism in Greece. He said they would do this by co-operating with their partners at the airports they flew into, and also by continuing to negotiate with the government on further initiatives.

Ryanair’s Greek strategy has come hot on the heels of its general announcement that to celebrate its 30th birthday, it would be pegging a million flights at €19.85.

The London Independent reports that the Irish airline is not the only company to lend the beleaguered country assistance in its hour of need.

Stelios Haji-loannou, who owns EasyJet and is born in Athens has begun a system of handing out free lunches to people who are going hungry in his native city.

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