Ryanair planes in minor collision at Dublin Airport: no injuries reported

Two Ryanair planes collided at Dublin Arport this morning but there were no reports of injuries to passengers or crew.

Ryanair planes clipped each other at Dublin Airport today

Ryanair planes clipped each other at Dublin Airport today. Image by Angelo Romano / CC BY 2.0

The low-budget airline planes were getting ready to depart when the winglet of one aircraft appeared to scrape the tail fin of the other.

The Irish Times reports that passengers were immediately removed from both planes as emergency services stayed at the scene. One plane was flying to Croatia and the other was destined for Edinburgh.

Ryanair said in a statement that both planes were slowly taxiing to the runways when the accident occurred. They said that both aircraft were under observation by air traffic control at the airport when they collided.

Ryanair said that their passengers were brought back to the terminal by bus and would be accommodated on replacement aircraft leaving for Edinburgh and Zadar in Croatia.

The Irish Times said that the airline’s planes were involved in a similar incident last October at Dublin airport.

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