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Ryanair is giving travellers a month to get the hang of its new luggage rules

On 1 November, Ryanair introduced changes to its baggage policy that will likely mean an added fee for most travellers flying on the low-cost carrier. But, following some confusion on the new rules, the airline is now allowing a grace period for travellers to adjust.

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Ryanair is giving travellers a grace period to adapt to its new luggage rules. Image by martin-dm/Getty Images

The new restrictions will require most travellers to pay more to bring a bag along. But, according to a Ryanair spokesperson: “while our new bag policy came in to effect on 1 November, we have briefed our gate agents to take a reasonable approach while customers get used to the new rules over the month of November”.

So travellers have a month to get used to the new policy – but what are the new rules? Well, back in January, Ryanair changed its policy so that passengers could take their personal item onto the flight, but their second larger bag had to be placed in the hold free of charge. Now, the newer rules means the airline won’t allow any luggage to be stored in the hold without paying a fee. Travellers will have to pay £8/€8 at the time of booking to bring a 10kg bag . It will have to be checked-in at a bag drop before heading through security – meaning travellers may have to budget a bit more time for that at the airport.

However, Ryanair also offers a £6/€6 ‘Priority Boarding’ fee, which will allow passengers to take their suitcase into the cabin. That means, it’s actually cheaper to just buy priority booking, and you can leave the flight with your luggage in hand. But, if you’re wondering why everyone wouldn’t just book priority, Ryanair is going to limit it to 95 passengers per flight.

Should you not heed the new rules and show up at the gate with an unchecked bag and no priority ticket, then you’ll have to pay £25/€25 to bring it on board. But, should you be one of those people who can pack light, the airline did boost the size of your allowed personal item by 40%, so you can take on a bag that is 40cm x 25cm x 20cm. Find out more about the policy here.