Ryanair flights to offer movies and TV on passengers' mobile devices

Ryanair plane

Ryanair plane Image by David Precious / CC BY 2.0

Europe’s largest airline Ryanair is to offer passengers movies and television shows on their mobile devices during flights.

The Irish Independent reports that the airline – which operates about 1,600 flights a day – is to also trial a WiFi service later this year, as part of a package of building up credibility with business customers.

The airline will accommodate the on-board movie and TV show service free to passengers as it plans to get payment for the venture through advertising. However, the airline said it won’t be installing seat-back screens on its aircraft.

The Irish Independent states that streaming service will probably be experimented on a few holiday routes during the summer. Depending on customer reaction, it could then be rolled out across its fleet.

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary said on Irish television recently that his company was targeting the business traveller. This means that if WiFi becomes available, it will almost certainly be offered free to those type of travellers. It has yet to be disclosed if the free status will apply to economy passengers.

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