Ryanair boss predicts €90 Europe-US one-way ticket


Ryanair Image by Dirk Vorderstraße / CC BY 2.0

Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary believes a sister company operating between Europe and the USA would be able to sell one-way economy tickets for about €90 to passengers.

The outspoken supremo said he would be “disappointed” if he couldn’t make such an offer but felt that initially, at least, he would not include Irish fliers in such a service. Mr O’Leary envisaged that the service would cater for flights between 15 major European cities and 15 major US cities, the Irish Independent reports.

Dismissing Dublin as the wrong place to start because it was a tiny-market, he said: “We'll need something in the order of 30-50 aircraft.” He believes that a long-haul service of this kind was at least five years away as they were not interested “in doing something small-scale”.

Mr O'Leary has previously claimed that any Ryanair offshoot could offer €10 one-way fares, but he accepted that there would only be some tickets available at that price.

Mr O'Leary is also looking at Ryanair expanding into such countries as Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Russia.

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