Ryanair bids to stop air traffic controllers striking

Ryanair wants the public to back them in its bid to outlaw air traffic controllers going on strike. The Irish carrier says there is too much industrial action by these key air workers and Europe should treat them as they do police forces and military personnel.

Ryanair wants the public to back their move to prevent air traffic controllers from going on strike

Ryanair has launched a petition asking the public to back its move to prevent air traffic controllers from going on strike Image by Angelo Romano / CC BY 2.0

The Evening Standard in London reports that the airline has launched an online petition seeking support for their quest, at a time when French air traffic controllers are preparing to stage three days of strikes disrupting tens of thousands of passengers.

Over the past six year, Ryanair says there has been 39 days of strike action by the French with a knock-on effect for millions of travellers across the continent.

Ryanair’s spokesman, Kenny Jacobs, has urged both the European Parliament and the European Commission to introduce legislation preventing this “unacceptable level” of on-going occurrence.

He said the problem arose because the controllers there saw strikes as something of a first strategy rather than a last resort.

Ryanair say that if their petition hits one million signatures, it would act as a representative for those people to the EU Commission and Parliament.

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