Russia’s Altai revives tsarist hunting tradition for tourists

The Russian wolfhound was the hunting dog of choice.

Russian wolfhound. Image by Deb / CC BY 2.0

The Altai region of Russia is reviving the old tsarist tradition of hunting with dogs (popular with the 18th- and 19th-century aristocracy), this time for tourists. A tourist company from Altai is organising a one-off event on 16 May in Chernovaya village. It will be a re-enactment of a 19th-century-style hunt on horseback, with people wearing traditional clothes and accompanied by Russian wolfhound dogs. The event will also feature Russian food, traditional music and an arm-wrestling contest. The organisers plan to make it a regular event, and other ideas include a pottery workshop, handicraft fair and shooting gallery. They also stress that there’s no actual hunting involved in this family-friendly event and no animals are harmed. Read more:

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