Roman treasures dating back 2000 years found in Ethiopian grave

Landscapes near Aksum, Ethiopia.

Landscape near Aksum, Ethiopia. Image by Alan / CC BY 2.0

British archaeologists working in the northern Ethiopian town of Aksum have discovered spectacular 2000-year-old treasures from the Roman empire. Also found were relicts from the Aksumite kingdom, which ruled parts of northeast Africa for several centuries before 940AD. The team made the finds while excavating 11 uncovered graves, one of which was dubbed ‘Sleeping Beauty’. The woman within it was curled up on her side, and positioned so that she was gazing into an extraordinary Roman bronze mirror. Her hand, upon which her chin was resting, was adorned with a beautiful bronze ring. Also found in her grave was a necklace of thousands of tiny beads, a beaded belt and an incredibly ornate bronze cosmetics spoon with a piece of kohl eyeliner. Read more: 

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