Revolutionary droneport designs revealed in Rwanda

British architects Foster and Partners have just revealed their designs for a revolutionary drone port in Rwanda. 

A flying drone with a mounted camera.

A flying drone with a mounted camera. Image by Don McCullough / CC BY 2.0

The port will utilise unmanned flying vehicles to transport emergency medical equipment to inaccessible parts of the country. Africa’s population is set to double by 2050 and with only a third of the country’s population living within a mile of an accessible road, the Droneport project hopes to revolutionise the level of medical care for inhabitants of remote regions. Many companies, including Amazon and Google, have already been looking into the potential of unmanned flying vehicles, which to date have typically been used for surveillance and filming purposes. An ATU Delft graduate has led the way with a drone that has a built in defibrillator. Read more:

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