Can't make it to the West End? This theatre group will perform plays in your hotel room

Theatre-lovers who don't want to swap bathrobes for ballgowns can enjoy the riches of the West End from the comfort of their own hotel suite. London theatre group Revels In Hand creates bespoke theatre for audiences in intimate spaces, from bedrooms to boats and gardens to hotel rooms.

Revels in Hand is a theatre group that offers in-room productions in private spaces. Image by Revels in Hand

Theatre company Revels in Hand perform in the homes, yachts and hotel suites of those who can afford the average £5000 ($6647) price tag. Each show is tailored to the setting. At the Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard London, you can enjoy your very own private production through the hotel's "Theatre in the Clouds" programme. The £10,000 ($11,743) event includes a customised performance in one of the hotel's luxury suites for up to 25 guests, an overnight stay and food and drink.

The group are currently in partnership with the Shangri-La at The Shard, London. Image by Revels in Hand

The group also perform in private homes, parks and pretty much anywhere they're requested to. No space is too big or too small and there's no such thing as a bad seat. It's the unique setting, intimacy and the pop-up nature of the experience that makes their performances so popular.

According to Lucy Eaton, one of the co-founders of Revels In Hand, one of the more unusual productions they staged was a drawing-room comedy played out on the edge of a polo field. "It was tremendous fun trying to recreate the indoors out of sun loungers and festoon lights on the grass," said Lucy. "We’ve also been lucky enough to perform Ways and Means by Noël Coward in an actual bedroom, which always puts a smile on the audience’s face when they walk through the door to a couple bickering over breakfast-in-bed."

They can perform for audiences as small as three up to 200. Image by Revels in Hand

A large part of their service is its bespoke nature. They have, what they call the "Revels Menu" which is a selection of shows that are "ready and raring to go" if someone needs to book them straight away. These are the best-sellers but the group also do a lot of commissioned work. They've curated a selection of love scenes from a couple's favourite play for their wedding day; a short play that walked through the main life events of a 70-year-old celebrating his birthday and most recently they were asked to produce an abridged version of Macbeth to be performed in a Scottish castle.

"No space is too small or too big for a Revels experience, but what suits the space will vary enormously," said Lucy. "Our casts range from three up to 11, and we have performed for audience sizes of eight to 200, in gardens, bedrooms and marquees."

From gardens to bedrooms and private yachts, no space is too small or too big. Image by Revels in Hand

Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London is offering a number of intimate plays to resident and non-resident guests with Revels in Hand as part of its Theatre in the Clouds programme until 3 October, 2019 which can be booked here. If you want to book a show in your own home or private space, you can get in touch with the group here.