Revealed: what you won't want to forget when luxury cruising

They might not be everybody’s cup of tea … but for some people, a week or fortnight spent on the high seas in a cruise vessel is the ideal holiday.

Cruise ship on the Thames at Greenwich.

Cruise ship on the Thames at Greenwich, London. Image by Roel Hemkes / CC BY 2.0

For these occasional sailors, there are certain things that should never be forgotten before setting off.

To start with, anybody who enjoys a strong cup of coffee every morning should pack their own travel mug to bypass the small cups that feature on so many big boats, and also the possibility of an unpleasant spill in inclement weather.

Extra clothes hangers, toiletry organisers that can hang from bathroom doors, and a power strip for extra socket space can also come in handy.

With check-in luggage often unavailable for the first few hours of a trip, a few essentials should also be kept close at hand like swimming trunks if your first port of call is likely to be the pool or hot tub and prescription medication.

A Carnival cruise liner.

A Carnival cruise liner. Image by El Coleccionista de Instantes / CC BY-SA 2.0

Other items worth tucking into your luggage include ear plugs just in case an engine, bar, or noisy neighbours are nearby.

Last but not least, a warm jacket is always a necessity because even in the warmest climates, bracing winds can still make a ship’s deck feel cold.

The items are among a 26-strong list of packing tips that should help make your cruise run a little bit more smoothly and were compiled by the ShipMate app and website.

Cruise ships are becoming the prime method of transport for Jidhadists to Iraq and Syria.

Luxury on the high seas. Image by Lyn Gateley / CC BY 2.0

That app is one of dozens that cater to the needs of keen cruisers and offers a useful feature to allow people see exactly where there cruise ship is in the world as they count down the days to departure.

Most of the major cruise companies like Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Carnival have their own apps, which offers virtual tours of their boats with some offering live cams to show what’s happening on board.

If your holiday has not yet been booked, there are also apps to help you wade through the hundreds of different options for a seaborne holiday.

Cruise Finder and are among the available options, offering searches by destination, departure port or date as well as available deals.

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