Revealed: what passengers do to infuriate crew

Passengers love to complain about cabin crew and poor services on flights – but now the boot is on the other foot as flight attendants reveal what infuriates them most about air travellers.

Cabin crew reveal what irritates them about ail passengers

Cabin crew reveal what irritates them about air passengers Image by Austrian Airlines / CC BY 2.0

Top of their complaints list was being handed dirty nappies to dispose of by passengers, according to responses on a Flight Attendant Career Connection Facebook page.

The Huffington Post reports that when it asked attendants what they wished could change, they said they didn’t like those who delayed in choosing their drinks while also disliking those who put rubbish in at the back of their seats.

University study shows that cabin crew and other frequent flyers could be more prone to skin cancer. Image by Christopher Doyle / CC BY-SA 2.0

Cabin crew say being handed dirty nappies really rankles Image by Christopher Doyle / CC BY-SA 2.0 Image by Christopher Doyle / CC BY-SA 2.0

Two other things passengers should desist from according to the feedback - tugging at attendants dresses to get their attention and hanging out in the galley.

The London Independent reported that this series of answers was collected following on from the jailing of a man for his antics on a flight from Glasgow to Turkey.

The behaviour of Andrew Tosh (34) as he sexually assaulted a female member of the cabin crew, while swearing and acting aggressively, forced the pilot to divert the flight to Gatwick Airport in London.

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