Retired couple found guilty of hiding hundreds of stolen Picasso works

Still Life, 1918 by Pablo Picasso.

Still Life, 1918 by Pablo Picasso. Image by Cliff / CC BY 2.0

Pierre Le Guennec and his wife Danielle, a retired couple in France, have been found guilty of hiding 271 stolen Picasso artworks bringing a five-year long case to an end. The couple claimed that the artworks, estimated to be at a value of €70 million, were a gift from the artists’ wife in the early ‘70s when Pierre, a former electrician, had worked on installing burglar alarms at the Picasso’s farmhouse in Mougins. The claims were found to be suspicious and a court case ensued. The court has ordered all of the works to be returned to Claude Ruiz Picasso, the son of Pablo Picasso who represents all six of the artists’ heirs. The identity of the original thief of the works has not been able to be established during the investigation. Read more:

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