Residents of Alaska town unhappy about TV show

McCarthy, Alaska.

McCarthy, Alaska. Image by James Brooks / CC BY 2.0

Residents of McCarthy, Alaska, are taking offense at new reality TV show from the Discovery Channel that’s set in the small town of only about 35 to 40 year-round residents. Ads for the show, called Edge of Alaska, describes the town as ‘a refuge for people who don’t want to be found that’s surrounded by extreme wilderness.’ According to the show, the closest law enforcement is 100 miles away. This is a mischaracterization, locals argue, and the lawless aspect paints a poor picture of their home, which is not all that remote from basic services. Spokespeople for the Discovery Channel did not return requests for comment, but one of the personalities featured on Edge of Alaska said people should watch the show, which premieres on Friday, before getting upset. Read more:

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