Real horsepower sees Ireland plough into the record books

Horsepower took on its literal and original meaning when a new world record was created in the ploughing fields of Ireland last weekend.

A pair of horses ploughing in the traditional way

A pair of horses ploughing in the traditional way. Image by Amanda Slater / CC BY 2.0

Fifty sets of draught horses came together at the 100th Mullahead ploughing match in county Armagh in an attempt to set a new standard in the centenary ploughing occasion near Portadown.

The previous record was 60 horses, but the Mullahead organisers decided the best way to celebrate their centenary was to go for 100 horses (50 sets) in the field all working together for at least a minute.

BBC Northern Ireland news reports that it wasn’t as simple as just turning up as the organisers had to find teams from across Britain, the Isle of Man and all over Ireland to ensure they could make an assault on the record.

Among the enthusiastic crowd at the event was Northern Ireland’s first minister Peter Robinson.

The organisers said on its website that it was a historic day in claiming the record but they also praised those who attended for creating 'an amazing atmosphere and spirit of celebration at the match this year.'

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