Questacon opens Walk of Wonder in Canberra, Australia

The national science museum Questacon has launched a walking route around Australia’s capital Canberra in honour of its former prime minister, John Howard.

Canberra's Questacon.

Canberra's Questacon. Image by Michael Coghlan / CC BY 2.0

The ‘John Howard Walk of Wonder’ takes users on a 45-minute route regularly trod by the former PM. Questacon aims to help visitors discover the ‘amazing science right under your nose’ and includes questions such as ‘Why does lichen grow on only one side of a tree? John Howard led Australia for 11 years to 2007. He was renowned for his love of a morning stroll with the media regularly reporting on his power walks around Canberra’s parliamentary area, as well as international locations when travelling overseas. Read more:


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