Qantas squeeze six extra seats into 737 revamp

Qantas is to squeeze an extra six seats into its economy class section after announcing a refurbishment of its Boeing 737 fleet.

Qantas squeezes in six extra seats on its 737 planes

Qantas squeezes in six extra seats on its 737 planes Image by Kentaro IEMOTO / CC BY-SA 2.0

Part of the carrier’s makeover will see the aircraft include in-flight wireless streaming, guaranteeing travellers will be able to access flight entertainment  on their own devices.

News Corp reports that the added six seats were created by rearranging the toilet and galley areas, with the airline claiming that consequently there wouldn’t be an impact on passenger comfort.

In fact Qantas’ CEO Alan Joyce says that even with the addition of those seats, they will still have less seats on this aircraft than all of its competitors.

At present, their planes are designed to have 156 economy seats and that will increase to 162 under the change in design. They also have two first class seats.

Virgin Australia by comparison has 168 economy seats as well as eight business seat, in its own 737 fleet.

Qantas will revamp 67 of its 737 fleet for uses mainly on domestic routes.

Separately, the airline says its to invest millions of dollars in renovating the company’s Brisbane terminals and lounges.

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