Bid to restore Colosseum’s arena floor gains support

Rome's Colosseum to get its arena floor restored.

Rome's Colosseum to get its arena floor restored. Image by Mark Dumont / CC BY 2.0

Italy’s Cultural Minister Dario Francheschini has tweeted his support for architect Daniele Manacorda’s proposal to give Rome’s Colosseum back its arena floor. The floor remained in place until the late 19th century, when it was removed so that the tunnels underneath once used to bring fighters into the arena could be excavated. Supporters of the proposal have said that it would allow events to take place in the arena, as well as making tours of the under-stage tunnels more evocative of their original atmosphere. Detractors have said that this project should not be a priority when so many of Italy’s lesser-known monuments are in danger of being lost or damaged through underfunding. Read more:

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