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Can you guess what Allegra loved doing during her trip to Sumatra?

Eight-year-old Allegra Serafina Juno Matheos tells us in her own words why she loved her trip to the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

I went to Belitung in Sumatra Island (Indonesia) on 10th June 2016 with my mother and her friends. When we got there, we had breakfast in 'Mie Pangsit A Choi' – the best noodles in town. In the afternoon, we played in Wibit Floating Water Park. I found it difficult to climb to the top because it was too slippy but after that I could slide to the sea. I also could jump, run, hop and swim to the sea. Fun games!

My favourite part of my vacation is when I snorkelled in Lengkuas island. That was my first time snorkelling and I could see coral reef by my very own eyes. I saw many fishes with different colours; white, yellow, black, small and big. It was so great that I forgot I was far from the boat.

The vacation is really wonderful, but too bad I didn’t get any friends. It would be great if I found one or two though. But I want to go there again!

Kids Blog - jump to the sea
Allegra loved jumping into the sea

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