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Aleksandra's trip to Oman involved some serious dune climbing.

10-year-old Aleksandra Kraft shares what she learnt on her trip to the desert in Oman with her parents.

My parents and I were in a desert in Oman. Driving to the hotel, we got lost among the endless dunes. After a while we met a local man (Bedouin) in a car – he agreed to guide us to the hotel. For locals who spend all their lives in the desert each dune has its own face.

The desert looked empty and lifeless, but on the sand I saw numerous paw prints of small animals.

The hotel had a farm with camels, horses and beautiful oryx. Arabian oryx is a species of antelope, it was nearly extinct, but people saved them in preserves, and later reintroduced them again into the wild.

The swimming pool in the hotel felt ice-cold. Though during the day the sun was scorching, at night it's cold in deserts, because there is no moisture in the air and no clouds to stop the heat from escaping the earth’s surface.

In the evening we covered our shoulders with blankets and went to the campfire to listen to the stories of local men. After this trip I’m glad I have this story to tell.

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Watch out for camels Aleksandra!

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