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Milan on the shores on Lake Wakatipu

Here eight-year-old Milan Shad-Sharpe tell us all about her exciting trip to Queenstown in New Zealand.

It was the day that everyone had been waiting for the whole year. Finally, we were getting on the plane to Queenstown! My whole family, me, my two brothers, my mum and dad were all stepping onto an aeroplane.

Flying over Queenstown, we could see a beautiful waterfall with a crystal-clear lake at the bottom of it. It looked like paradise.

After a long sleep, we went out to town. There were so many cool things to do! We could explore glow worm caves, go to the Kiwi Birdlife Park, or to the ice bar.

First we decided that we would go on a cruise along the lake which was called Lake Wakatipu.

We had a tour around the lake and went to the very end of it. The water was an amazing blue.

The next day we went to the Kiwi Birdlife Park. We saw Kiwis, Tuataras and Black Cockatoos.

On the last day, I was sad to go. We said goodbye to the lake by tossing stones into it and making wishes. I felt as if the lake was talking to me saying, 'come back soon.' I made a wish hoping I would.

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