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Clear blue waters in Cyprus © Anton Kudelin / Shutterstock
Clear blue waters in Cyprus © Anton Kudelin / Shutterstock

Young travel writer nine-year-old Suhavi Jittlar tells us all about her visit to Cyprus.

For the first time ever, I had a trip to Cyprus with my parents. I swam in the Mediterranean sea. It was crystal clear and I could see the sand going on my feet at the bottom of the seabed.

The sea was turquoise, mint green, dark blue and light blue! Each section had its own colour and stretched as far as I could see. It was nice and warm because the sun was beaming down on it.

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Suhavi loved the colours of the sea in Cyprus © Suhavi Jittlar

The Cypriot  people speak the language Greek. Some of the history is based on Greek myths and legends. I went to the water park called WATER WORLD, it was based on Greek myths and heroes.

One of the rides I went on was called the 'Minotaur Dome'. You had to try and defeat the mighty Minotaur. It was a big bouncy dome, which I had to climb up with a rope.

It was slippery because there was a sprinkler covering me with splashes of water. When I got to the top, I imagined that I killed the Minotaur and pushed it to the ground to its death! I was the heroine just like Thesus.

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