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Here eight-year-old Emma Heron tells us all about the different things she did when she visited Copenhagen.

This past summer we travelled to Europe. The first city we visited was Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our first day was very busy. In the morning we went to the Design Museum of Denmark. I liked looking at the old-fashioned dresses. There were lots of different chairs in the museum, my favourite was the blow-up chair.

Fun Fact: there were over 100 chairs in the hall of chairs and they were made of all different types of materials.

Next, we went to the Danish War Museum. There was so much to see because they have things from all the wars Denmark was in. My three favourite things were the room that showed you what it was like living in the war; I liked the room of tanks and the facts on the walls that told you about all the different wars.

Fun Fact: there was a lookout the soldiers used in war, but it looked like a tree house.

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Emma learning all about the exhibits in the Danish War Museum

Our final stop of the day was Tivoli Gardens. It was beautiful at night because all the rides had lights on them. Some of the rides were really old. One of my favourites was the Star Rider. We were in swings that went up high and went round and round. I also liked the Drop Tower. When you got to the top, a bell rang and we went falling down. I left my stomach at the top. Our last ride was called the Demon. It had lots of loopy loops, but I didn’t know when they were coming because it was so dark.

Fun Fact: Tivoli's roller-coaster through the mountain was one of the oldest rides in Europe and the guy driving the ride didn’t wear a seat belt!

Copenhagen was a great city, everyone should visit!

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