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Kids Blog - The roots of a giant sequoiaredwood tree
Sophie and her brother with the roots of a giant sequoia in California

Nine-year-old Sophie Finn tells us all about her incredible road trip to California.

On Saturday 18th August I went to California. I went with my Mum, Dad and brother.  After the 11 hour long plane journey to San Francisco we headed on our way to Yosemite National Park. When we got there it was quite sunny and hot.

First stop Yosemite

We stayed in a cabin, in a place called Wawona. There had been a change of plans because of wild fires which I was quite happy about, as we really enjoyed our Wawona adventures. One day we went on a really long walk to Chilnualna Falls, we were very pleased that we didn't see any bears as we saw bear poo and there were loads and loads of flies. The best bit about this day was swimming under the Wawona Swing Bridge creek, where someone has spotted a water snake.

Kids Blog - AfterGartnerWater snake swimming in creek Wawona
There's always time for a family selfie!

Next stop San Carlos/Ano Nuevo

Then we went to San Carlos to meet my Mum’s friend Winiford and we were taken to see the elephant seals at Ano Nuevo, where they were moulting their skins, which they do in August. It is busier in December when they all come to have their pups.

Driving the Big Sur

This was a big long coastline, where everyone took pictures of the sun setting. We stayed in a campground and cooked dinner on an open fire. When I went to bed, there was a racoon that tried to steal Mum and Dad’s dinner.

Next stop Monterey

We went to an aquarium and in it you could touch stingrays! Dad didn’t come because he forgot our black bag with all the iPads. There was a lot to look at.

Next stop Napa

Our friends took us to a famous vineyard on a hill overlooking the whole of Napa Valley.

Next stop Petaluma

Then we went to my dad’s friend Matt and Jodi, they had kids, Julian and Aden. There were some wild turkeys there, they ran past every night at 6pm.

Next stop Bodega Bay

We went fishing and I caught my first fish and went horse riding around a ranch for 30 minutes.

Kids Blog - Flower the horse bodega bay
Riding Flower was one of Sophie's highlights

Point Reyes

Here we went on an earthquake walk, I saw a bobcat, snakes and elks.

Last day with the Wilsons

I went into the sea and played with my brother and we saw a jellyfish! We also toasted marshmallows and made smores.

Kids Blog - mashmellows on beach last day with wilsons
Time for smores!

All in all...

I loved it so much I felt amazed especially when we saw the elk.

My favourite part was when we went swimming in the creek and the horse riding. The horse which was white with grey spots was called Flower.

That was my holiday in California.

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