Animal tales from Pomeranians to pythons

From the cutest Pomeranian you've ever seen, to a super aggressive python, a mixed bag makes us today's selection of incredible animals.

An angry carpet python in Currimundi

An angry carpet python in Currimundi Image by Sunshine coast snake cathers/Facebook

In Currimundi on the Sunshine Coast, Australia an intrepid snake catcher, Ross McGibbon, was called to deal with an aggressive and territorial carpet python that had ended up on someone's fence. The snake clearly indicated it didn't want to be interfered with when the snake catcher approached it. But McGibbon calmly caught the snake and proceeded to do a piece to camera about python's behaviour, when the snake wrapped itself around his arm and bit him in the back of the head. The catcher cool-as-cucumber limited himself to referring to the snake as 'Bitey' and then released it into the wild.

Watch the video here

Little meerkat pups in Sydney Zoo

Little meerkat pups in Sydney Zoo Image by Screengrab Daily Mail

Two meerkat pups were born to the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, the first meerkats to be given birth to in the zoo in almost seven years. The little meerkats were born to Nairobi and Maputo, and have delighted to zoo's staff, who suspect that they are a boy and a girl although the sex cannot be determined until later during their first visit by the vet.

Watch the video here

A wobbly baby giraffe

A wobbly baby giraffe Image by Greenville Zoo/Facebook

Some very long wobbly legs were picked up by the Greenville Zoo who managed to film the moment shortly after a baby giraffe was born in South Carolina. Autumn, the mother is a giraffe whose pregnancy had become famous thanks to the service EarthCam which allows people to monitor the progress of animals. The little baby giraffe who was filmed looking comically insecure on its long legs, was later shown in another video looking much stronger.

Watch the video here

Some overheated vervets take to a pool in South Africa

Some overheated vervets take to a pool in South Africa Image by Michael Derek Rout/Facebook

In Durban, South Africa temperatures reached such extremes that local vervets took to a backyard pool to cool off. Michael Derek Rout filmed the monkeys jumping into the pool and swimming to cool down from the oppressive heat.

Watch the video here

A pomeranian kitted out for the Lunar New Year

A pomeranian kitted out for the Lunar New Year Image by Optimus Crane/Facebook

Smally but mighty and fluffy, this Pomeranian's peformance of the Lion Dance traditionally done to celebrate the Chinese New Year, has been viewed by over four million people. The little dog from Thailand is called Zippaw and goes through the routine with gusto wearing a little lion's suit.

Watch the video here.

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