Search continues: Paris 'tiger' on loose may not be tiger at all - police

Tiger seen roaming the streets near Paris.

Fear as animal thought to be a tiger has been spotted near Paris. Image by Alias 0591 / CC BY 2.0

Police in France were on Friday evening continuing to search for a 'tiger' spotted east of Paris, near Disneyland, and making his way towards the city. Paw prints were found by a huntsman on Friday afternoon at Ferrieres-en-Brie, just 26km east of the French capital. The big cat was first spotted by a woman on Thursday morning in a supermarket car park some 38km east of the city. Since then there have been several more sightings and some disagreement as to the nature of the beast. Agence France-Presse news agency reported that experts and officials were 'categorical' that it was a tiger. However, later police said that an analysis of paw prints by wildlife experts excluded the possibility of the animal being a tiger. It is thought it could be a lynx. Police and soldiers, from an army base at Montevrain, armed with tranquilizer guns, were  out in force earlier on Friday while residents in areas east of Paris were urged to stay indoors. Read more:

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