Police bounce for man riding Space Hopper on dual carriageway in Dundee

Space Hoppers are normally used for leisure purposes

Space Hoppers are normally used for leisure purposes. Image by William Murphy / CC BY 2.0

Police in Scotland did a double-take when they saw a man drunkenly riding a children's toy down a dual carriageway in Dundee.

The man was taking alternative transport home on a red Space Hopper through a tunnel on the city’s main ring road after celebrating Hogmanay – the Scottish New Year.

The London Independent say that officers stopped him as he bounced through the Marketgait underpass at around 3am on New Year’s Day  towards oncoming traffic.

Jamie Shankland, 25, was driving past when the man attempted to run away from the police, he told the Evening Telegraph after writing about the bizarre incident on Facebook.

“He looked very drunk and police had blocked the left-hand lane because he was on the road.

“I had to pass slowly and, as I did, I saw another policeman walking up the tunnel to pick up a red space hopper.

“At first I wondered what it was, but then I saw the two wee horns sticking out the top.

“It just looked like a massive red balloon at first.”

Whether the man took the space hopper out with him or chanced upon it on the way home remains a mystery.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland told the BBC that no formal action was taken against the rider

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