Plans to unveil ‘hidden gems’ of outer London to boost tourism

Plans were unveiled today to bring attractions from the outer London area to millions of tourists each year.

A view of London, from The Shard. Image by [Duncan] / CC BY 2.0.

Plan to 'extend' London to various attractions beyond the tried and trusted tourist trails Image by [Duncan] / CC BY 2.0

Mayor Boris Johnson together with London and Partners, whose job it is to promote the capital, are to sift through a range of suggestions to extend the city’s “rich diversity” of experience for visitors.

The Evening Standard reported that its own readers had made a list of recommendations including such places as the London Museum of Water and Steam in Brentford; the RAF Museum in Colindale, the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill, Down House, Bromley, where Charles Darwin wrote On The Origin Of Species and Ernö Goldfinger’s Modernist house in Hampstead.

The new report entitled ‘Take A Closer Look: a cultural tourism vision for London 2015-2017’ underlines the way the city attracts almost 17 million overseas and over 12 million domestic visitors, who spent £11.3 billion last year.

Mr Johnson said that it was important not just to celebrate world-famous sites but also the richness of other attractions.

The chief executive of the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions, Bernard Donoghue, said that tourists to London wanted “authentic experiences” that transcended “tick-list sightseeing.”

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