Picture this: a selfie stick for distracted dogs

One of the hardest things to do is to get your pet hound to pose for a camera shot. Now help is at hand as a new invention – a sort of selfie stick for dogs – hopes to attract the canine’s attention long enough so that you can get the perfect shot.

A new 'pooch selfie' device will  help owners get the best possible photos of their dogs

A new 'pooch selfie' device will help owners get the best possible photos of their dogs by enticing them to look at the camera. Image by Missy S. / CC BY 2.0

The ‘Pooch Selfie’device is about to be brought to market and will allow the user to clip a fluorescent tennis ball to the top of their smartphone to grab the dog’s interest.

The London Evening Standard reports that the project has more than doubled its financial goal already by raising almost £10,500.

The inventor says that pet lovers just can’t help themselves when it comes to taking photos of their dogs.

He believes that his Pooch Selfie will help with getting better quality snaps.

This can be done, he acknowledged, because dogs love toys and the tennis ball will maintain their attention while owners click the perfect portrait picture.

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