Photographer captures London from city's roof tops

London from the rooftops

London from the rooftops Image by Andrew / CC BY 2.0

Photographer James Burns was certainly aiming high when he decided to capture a year in the life of London from the city's own rooftops.

The Londoner's list of striking shots features famous landmarks such as a silhouetted BT Tower at sunrise and the poppy installation at the Tower of London.

Also featuring strongly in his ‘London from the Rooftops’ project is a near-full moon rising behind the Shard and the bright lights of London’s South Bank on a Friday evening.

The Evening Standard’s report says that the photographer started the project about eight years ago with the help of funding from the Prince's Trust. Mr Burns has compared this new collection to an aerial version of The Knowledge for black cab drivers.

Explaining his reasons for undertaking the project, he elaborated: "I’m a Londoner through and through so nothing gives me more pleasure than to dedicate myself to the city I love and share the views with it's people.

"That is the beauty of shooting from the rooftops - there is always a beautiful surprise in London."

One of the positive spin-offs from his undertaking is the growing support for his work from the city's artistic and charitable organisations. This, in turn, has meant he is getting greater access to increasingly iconic locations.

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