Petition calls for Croatian bridge to be renamed after Jimi Hendrix

A petition calling for a railway bridge in the Croatian capital Zagreb to be renamed after Jimi Hendrix has gained 5000 signatures, prompting Croatian Railways to announce that they will also support a name change.

The željeznički – zeleni most bridge.

The željeznički – zeleni most bridge. Image by Lovro Rumiha / CC BY 2.0

The bridge is officially known as ‘željeznički – zeleni most’ (‘railway – green bridge’), but for the past 20 years it has been known to most locals as ‘Hendrix bridge’, after the legendary musician’s name was graffitied onto it in huge letters in 1995. Since then a battle has been raging between Croatian Railways, who have repeatedly removed the graffiti, and rock fans, who have persistently repainted it. If they get approval from the Zagreb City Council to rename the bridge, Croatian Railways plan to replace the graffiti with an official piece of street art. Read more: