PackPoint: travel list app does everything but carry your bags

For some seasoned travellers, knowing exactly what to bring in your suitcase is easy … but for those not blessed with good packing instincts, help is at hand. A whole range of apps are available for packing procrastinators, which not only tell you what to bring but also tailor the advice according to where you are travelling.

PackPoint - the new packing list app for travellers.

PackPoint - the new packing list app for travellers.

The PackPoint app is one of the niftiest, starting you off with what is probably the quintessential packing question: whether you are male or female? After that, it’s a matter of selecting what type of trip it is, business or pleasure, and how long the holiday is going to last for. You can select the type of activities you are likely to partake in: the gym, swimming, camping, or even if you are travelling with a baby.

The app then looks at the likely weather for the selected travel dates, and tells you what clothes and accessories to bring along: particularly useful for destinations where the weather can be seasonal or unpredictable.

For a sample trip to Dubai next month for a fitness and photography enthusiast, it suggests plenty of shorts and casual shirts along with sunscreen, sun glasses, and all the required camera paraphernalia. A similar-length trip to Iceland for a hiker throws up many of the same bare essentials but advises a heavy coat, hiking shoes, and everything else that might be needed on a trek.

The app allows users to tick off items as they go and delete suggestions if they think they might not be required. If there is something in particular you just cannot manage without, it can be added to the list manually.

PackPoint is not the only option out there and there are dozens more apps available through Google Play and the App Store including Saving Grace, TripList, Luggage, and Pack It.

Specialised options are also available including ones for adventure holidays, and although by no means holiday related, one for expectant mums on their way to the maternity ward.

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