‘Owl Café’ project shot down but may pop up elsewhere in London

The 'Owl Café' due to open in central London later this month has been shot down due to a sustained campaign from groups highlighting fears over the birds' welfare.

Barn owl

Barn owl Image by Lucie Provencher / CC BY-SA 2.0

When feathers began to fly over the ‘Annie the Owl’ project in Soho, the organisers said they would ensure the animals safety by having trained falconers on the premises. However, the sheer weight of the backlash against the project – with 28,000 signing a petition to get the bar axed – has finally won out.

The London Evening standard reports that the backers have said they will bring their idea of a pop up smoothie bar somewhere less "congested" away from the borough of Westminster.

Seb Lyall, chief organiser, said on his website that they had located a more spacious London location with outside space as well to ensure the welfare of the birds is looked after.

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